Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blood Works by David Boyle

Horror manipulates everyone on many levels. Fear is an emotion that every human being will confront in their existence. No one knows for sure when it's coming, or what shape it will take, but rest will find us all. Now we can experience the thrill of engaging in those situations together, by living vicariously through characters that are dumped into scary circumstances, and then left all alone to cling to life, or meet their demise. The tales in this collection dare to take the reader on a journey. They are going to thrust you directly into the bowels of danger. Blood Works wants to grab hold of you, frighten you, and tell you another terrifying story. Because if there's one essential component to being in fear; it's knowing that when it latches on and refuses to let go. that you're still alive, and you can keep turning the pages! Enjoy the ride.

David Boyle, author

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