Friday, May 30, 2008

Warders of the Gate by Mark Murray

Warders of the Gate is an epic tale of good versus evil. The land of Rhillai suffers the lack of a High King, and the nine dukes fight amongst themselves for the coveted seat. Meanwhile, the mage Alisandra plots to place a puppet on the throne--someone she can easily control. To further ensure her iron grip, she opens a Gate to another world and allows in the Hylnan, an alien race bent on destroying everything in sight.

The fate of the land falls upon the shoulders of the Warders, who control access to the magical Gates that connect Rhillai to the Elven homeworld. Using their shape shifting powers bestowed on them by the Elves, the Warders must fight the dukes, the Hylan, and Alisandra in order to keep the Gates open--hoping that the Elven army will arrive to save them.

It is the beginning of the legendary Hylnan War for all who live in Rhillai. Hostilities are set aside as a common enemy binds unlikely people, even unlikely beings, into allies. And sometimes more.

Mark Murray, author

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