Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Frank E. Bittinger: Into The Mirror Black

When Lila Cassavettes passes away, Storm returns to Western Maryland to pay his final respects to the memory of the great-grandmother who raised him. He learns part of his inheritance is a Victorian estate he knew nothing about. After seeing the house and surrounding property in New Mystic, he makes the decision to leave his job in Virginia and move back to Maryland. Soon after moving into the house, he discovers an old book lodged in a crack in the wall. A book filled with arcane symbols, weird drawings, and what appear to be incantations. Who did it belong to and how did it get into the wall? He finds more questions than answers concerning his family├»¿½s past.While he sleeps, a woman watches him. Children play a game of hide and seek downstairs in the dead of night. And Storm dreams. Dreams filled with images of an ancient city in ruins and of the same city as it resurrects.Someone or something in the house is guiding him. But towards what? What does it all mean? While attempting to find answers, Storms discovers some family secrets are better left uncovered.

Frank E. Bittinger, author

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Frank E. Bittinger awhile back. Click HERE to read this interview.

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